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Round Robin Calculator makes draws and match schedules for sports leagues
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Round Robin Calculator produces draws and match schedules for sports leagues.
The program works out the combinations necessary to have each team play every other team in a competition. For example - if there are 10 teams in a competition then it will take 9 rounds before each team has played every other team. Round Robin Calculator will generate the pairings for each round. These are often called rotations.
Some features of Round Robin Calculator are:
Up to 52 names (e.g teams) in a draw
Select entries from a Names text file (e.g. team names)
Paste in a list of names from any document.
Balanced number of home and away matches.
Byes are handled automatically.
Schedule dates for each round - daily, weekly, etc.
Specify exclusion dates that are not to be scheduled on.
Any number of Draws can be saved together in a file for later recall.
Export all draws or a selected draw to a csv file or a text file for Excel or Word.
Create a web page for a Draw.
Round Robin Calculator is smart but very easy to use.

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